We offer our clients exceptional service and solutions for the healthcare related needs in their industries or companies. Our expertise, experience, leadership and capabilities make us ideal partners to make a difference.


Industries Supported



Pharmaceutical I Biotech and Life Sciences

Our services combine extensive experience and sound industry advice to help you evaluate new or existing products and technologies for patient care, as well as collaborating with your marketing team to target specific segments within your desired market.  Sentikon has special interest in the clinical research space with a focus on using predictive data analytics to enhance clinical research trial design and diverse patient recruitment.

Healthcare Product, Services and Technology Companies

We work directly with your team to cultivate innovative ideas, evaluate the effectiveness of a specific project, advise and lead your team to maximize the utility of the technology, product, or service in the healthcare sector.  Sentikon provides startup and early-stage companies with needed advisors or subject matter experts — all with the goal of establishing a larger market share. As a result of our extensive expertise in the policy, protocol, and review process for both the payer and health system, we do work with select high-quality clients in this sector.

Healthcare Business Analysts and Investors

We work with organizations and individuals that invest in, acquire or have interest in partnering with a healthcare company’s  product or technology.   Sentikon has the business and healthcare experience to analyze and make recommendations on the validation results, quality, adherence to compliance and regulations, market utility and future potential scale of the product or service in the desired market.

Our Capabilities

Quality Reliable Healthcare Data and Predictive Analytics

We use the data, understand the data and analyze the data based on real-time relationships to predict and create change in our clinical practice and health-related business projects.  We apply our unique expertise with our knowledge of business, behavioral analytics, technology, and the medical industry to assist our clients in understanding and developing platforms, services or programs to obtain the data needed to answer questions or solve problems.

So now that you have the data, what’s next? Helping our clients with the next step in analyzing the data and implementing change based on the analysis is the core of what we do. Often, this is accomplished by optimizing the exchange of information between systems and devices to improve use, understand patterns, and make recommendations to achieve the desired goal.

Advisory Counsel and Feasibility Studies

We adopt a tried and tested consumer-centric approach that works to give your business accurate and up to date advice and feasibility studies. Our services are intended to add significant value to a particular project so that you can bridge the gap that lies between you and your consumers.

Subject Matter Experts

Sentikon has taken immense care and effort to assemble a team of professionals that not only boast extensive experience within business or medicine, but who also have the capacity to communicate their knowledge and expertise in the most relevant manner. Our subject matter experts are omnipresent from the beginning to the end of each and every project.

Review and Policy Evaluations

We apply our unique expertise and knowledge of policies, standards in the healthcare industry and regulations to assist you in the review and evaluation of both clinical and healthcare business cases, policies and processes.  The integration of technology to improve efficiencies, track, and develop updates to the applied standards are of vital importance to Sentikon. 


Research and Market Analysis

Sentikon can address project issues related to health and disease prevention, particularly those related to  patient engagement, improving outcomes and cost control.   We work with our clients in their research and development stages, with regard to innovation, launching new products or initiatives, understanding medical technologies, and analyzing the market that optimizes the position for potential growth.

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