Innovation, in line with, is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, incoherent needs, or prevailing market needs. This is accomplished via more efficient products, procedures, facilities or technologies and business models.

Technological innovation in healthcare sector

Technological innovation has transformed all industries including healthcare. Many amazing modification shave transpired in the healthcare industry where technology is progressively playing significant roles in almost all practices such as patient registration, data monitoring, lab tests and consultation. In healthcare, we are often best at the hosting of innovative merchandises (new drugs, adaptive devices) or technology (robotics, medical records and medicine delivery systems). However, healthcare is less fertile in the hosting of new services (embracing of verified based care, preventative services) and in fact, minimum possible attention is often paid to innovation in procedures (enhancing billing systems, hiring of adept staff, etc.) or business models (integrated cross continuum systems, varied payment methods).

Innovation is diligently interconnected to change. Many of us are confrontational to change. We sidestep change because we fear what is in the future, we sidestep change because we feel that something is going to get off beam, and some escape change because they don’t know which path to embark on. In healthcare domain, we are on the treadmill always fighting to solve the dilemma of whether or not to accept the innovative transformations. Here comes the meticulous role of healthcare innovators.

What does a healthcare innovator do?

With healthcare innovators, the business of healthcare can acquire pronounced success. These innovators try to instill new ideas and concepts in the healthcare milieu that are advantageous for each and every medical allied individual and each patient. With the help of a prudent healthcare innovator, the dream of employing excellent equipment, good software and other factors that can surge the rates of successful surgeries and better diagnosis can be turned into a reality.

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Dr. Woodhouse is a practicing cardiologist, advisor, entrepreneur, innovator and health IT consultant. Her experience as a healthcare practitioner spans two decades, during which she has been engaged as a healthcare consultant, speaker, equity partner, roundtable facilitator, advisory board member, and educator for reputable public and private institutions in the United States, including the American Heart Association. Read more

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