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Patient Engagement    By Dr. Sheila Woodhouse

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In recent years, huge strides have been made to improve patient outcomes by placing the patient in the center of the healthcare experience.  After all, improving patient engagement not only improves outcomes, it helps reduce costs and advances population health across the board.  While patient engagement has always been viewed as a positive way to influence outcomes, today it is a critical part of the patient care delivery process.

In this whitepaper you will learn about 5 critical components required to build a solid and successful patient engagement strategy.

Essential Element 1: Outline Your Organizations Vision for Patient Engagement

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 Defining your organizations vision for patient engagement is critical because it identifies ideas, thoughts and expected outcomes that are important to your organization.

Essential Element 2: Create an Internal Culture for Promoting Patient Engagement

Because of the plethora of complexities in connecting the dots between IT, EHR implementation and process flow of

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information systems, many firms have not made patient engagement a top priority.  Don’t allow your firm to be in this predicament.  Make the decision to create a companywide adoption of patient engagement now.  By doing so you will be improving the likelihood that engagement is accepted by all

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