Sentikon Technologies provides thought leadership as an advisor or consult executive team member for tech-related startups, early-stage companies and well established companies for improvements on existing or new technologies and problems while creating relevant and cost saving solutions.


Companies that are involved or would like to begin navigating healthcare related challenges and solutions through the use of technology


We have our own ideas and create our own technologies to solve daily problems in the healthcare industry

Collaborators & Partners

We work with those in need of our unique position within the intersection of medicine, business  and technology

Our Projects

Clinical Research Trials
DoxMed_Final_TM_1DoxMed is a predictive analytic solution that assist the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to better understand research participants from diverse population in clinical research trials so they can improve future recruitment and trial design.

Doxmed exited the market with the back end machine learning technology outsourced to a third party.

Our Eye on the Future of Innovation
Optimano_Logo_FinalOptimano is our future software solution for recruitment and diversification in clinical research trials.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology development and implementation.
Workflow Technology
Operational work flow technology for clinical research to improve inefficiencies and maintain standards for professional staff
Consumer Driven Technology
Consumer driven technology for transparency in healthcare

Our Solutions

Healthcare Data Analytics and Data Science

Sentikon is a thought leader in data analytics to improve understanding that will  drive the change necessary to advance the evolving use of healthcare technology solutions for quality care and cost control.

Integrated Solutions to Improve Care, Efficiency and Lower Costs

Connectivity — phones, computers, and tablets —  is key to keeping one’s life organized. This form of connectivity will help optimize health delivery and government mandates. Integrating healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, health systems, and patient communication improves patient care.  Sentikon’s involvement in the telehealth sector is just one example of our commitment being leaders in the growth and quality of healthcare advancements.

Wearable Devices and Other Home Monitoring Systems

Sentikon Technologies works with companies and our own solutions on optimizing the convenience of wearable devices for measureable improvements to address various present and future pain points in healthcare.

Industry Quality and Compliance

Maintaining industry quality and compliance while improving workflow and accountability.

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